Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Makin' Play-Doh

NO that is not a new way of referring to gettin' some, nookie, and etc.

I really did make play-doh tonight.

I think it turned out ok.

I have purple hands now.

Let's see, I believe I have seven clients scheduled for tomorrow. If they all show up I figure that is at least 7 times that I will hear the question what is wrong with your hands.

I could get all therapist on them and do some reflecting back shit, "Oh! You are curious about my purple hands." and never really answer the question.

That would get old pretty quickly.

Those kids can be pretty persistent too.

What I need is a good story.

Any ideas?

P.S. It is a good idea to wear some kind of protective hand gear when kneading dough that contains food color paste.


The Girl in Black said...

"Momma choked a Grimace and his head popped off"

?? You know, like the dandelion song?

Ok, so it would be a little traumatic to tell a kid. Betcha they'd stop asking questions, though!


Ted Carter said...

I say you do a Lady Macbeth:

"I tried and I tried to get the blood off, but this purplish stain just won't go away..."

dan g said...

You voted in the most recent Iraqi elections, and dipped your whole hand in the ink instead of just the finger to show how hard you fucking voted.

Ali said...

Just let 'em wonder. It'll keep them focused.

earlyadopter said...

tell 'em you have this:

purplehandosis and if they don't shut up you'll give it to them?