Monday, May 22, 2006

Hello..My Name is Missy and I am a Mutantphobe

This revelation comes to you courtesy of my beloved husband, a crusader against those who fear and repress mutants.

He being an expert on those things Mutant has conducted a thorough evaluation and indeed determined that I am a Mutantphobe.

We are in the process of researching 12-step groups to help me overcome this heinous problem.

The prognosis is fair.

The first step of course is admitting that you have a problem.


Valerie said...

How can you not like Wolverine?

He's hot.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that as a second step in overcoming your problem you take your husband to opening of the new movie X3, then taking him home, dressing yourself up in something sexy, and making mad, passionate love to him. Or if you just do the last part, he probably won't even mind if you're still a mutantphobe.

The Girl in Black said...

I have nothing to add that would be better than anonymous' advice. If that is indeed their real name.

So, then! On that note...

My word verification is "husygmj".

That's weird.

Ted Carter said...

I'm telling Xavier on you.

Oh, and I need to talk to said hubby about said film. The kiddos and I are very interested in seeing it, also.

But I don't think any of us are going to offer anything beyond going to see the movie with him, so you may have the advantage, there.

earlyadopter said...

Missy I'm with you! I want to keep these mutants away from me. And clones! Except for Valerie's clones, they're ok. One thing that i tell everyone. When the mutants attack, go to nearest subway sandwich shop! Why you ask? Well if you were as observant and conscientious about mutant attack contingency preparedness, you'd know. But you're not, that's why you're asking, so that's why i'm telling you (thank goodness!) and damn it, its the CHAIRS! have you seen the chairs in those places? They are really, really strong and heavy. They will make very effective weapons for smacking the shit out of any mutants that come near us, or our foot-long ham and turkey sandwiches.... See you at subway.