Monday, March 31, 2008

#2 is 7

My baby is officially 7 years old as of 10:04 PM yesterday.

I like to make them wait until the actual time of their birth before I will admit that my children are a year older.

We had a lovely breakfast of Chocolate Pop Tarts in bed for breakfast, followed by opening gifts from parents and sibling.
She was very pleased with her presents. An i-pod shuffle from mom and dad, and Littlest Petshop toys from big sister.

I hope the i-pod is not lost or damaged any time soon. That thing is tiny. I am taking a chance giving one of those to a 7 year old....luckily since I do all the syncing, I can arrange the settings to control how loud the volume goes, so little ears are protected.

The afternoon included a party with the family and friends of the family, complete with cookies (no birthday cake this year for #2 she wanted frosted sugar cookies instead. So instead of cursing over a cake, I was zooming to finish the detail work on cookies a half hour before the festivities began. Let's hear it for procrastination!) ice cream, and more presents!

#2's new obsession

Because 300 stuffed animals aren't enough. (I wish to God I was kidding about that number, but sadly I am not.)

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