Wednesday, March 05, 2008


(Thought it might be fun to try channeling the crusty prospector side of my personality today)

I was really hoping that Obama would have swept those primaries yesterday. Not because I am a great big Obama supporter. Electile dysfunction is still troubling me, but I think I am getting some stirrings with Obama.

The main reason I am disappointed is because I hoped we would have a definite candidate and they could start talking about something else on my beloved NPR. Maybe it is because the majority of the time I get to listen is at the top of the hour, but I am seriously beginning to doubt that there is any other topic covered on All Things Considered anymore.

Maybe it is time to switch to some books on CD for awhile and give myself a break.

Any suggestions?

I could see if I can get the second half of the Bill Clinton biography, which I have never finished but that seems as if it would kind of defeat the purpose.


Woman with a Hatchet said...

Settle in for the long haul.

It's impossible for either of them to win the majority of delegate votes needed.

Technically, it was impossible as of Super Tuesday, but only one person pointed it out at the time.

This means you're gonna keep hearing about both of them until the August Primary, unless one drops out due to some HUGE scandal. Or gets shot. You know, because security decides to stop checking everyone for weapons an hour before the first black man to run successfully so far for president goes onstage.

Not know...there's anyone out there that would even THINK about an assassination attempt.

Oh, did I mention that this was in TEXAS? Yeah. They've got a history to live up to.

Missy said...

Oh Good Lord! I had not heard about that.

I pretty much figured we were in for the long haul here. It is the election that never ends.