Monday, March 17, 2008

I don't think they cover this in the owner's manual

Me to my Beloved Husband: Could you bring me the thermometer please so that I can take #2's temperature?

(BH comes over and notices that the temperature I am about to check is that of our lovely #2)

BH to #2: If you have a fever you are grounded.



Luckily she has no temp and is not grounded. She does have a really gross sounding cough though. I will totally ground her tiny little booty if she gets sick while I am off work this week.


I'm not your mommy said...

Is there a quick simple explination to how to add other people's blog addresses to my blog page? Keep in mind my computer knowledge doesn't go much beyond point and click.
PS glad your kiddo did not have a fever. Beign the one to stay home sucks I know.

I'm not your mommy said...

I've been away from everyone for far too long. I looke dat the pictures posted on woman witha hatchet and I have to ask is she someone I should know? Who is solving for X? I only know B&E becuse of this last weekend, who whould have thought that all those crazy locks would have turned into such a shinny spot? - Too much BIG CITY LIFE???

Missy said...

Woman with a Hatchet isn't someone you should know because she went to high school with us, but is indeed someone you should know because she runs a good blog!

Solving for X would be my husband, but I wouldn't spend too much time checking that blog because he rarely posts (I think the last post was in August maybe?), which is a pity because he is darn hilarious.