Saturday, March 08, 2008

Vacation is all I ever wanted....

Break out the Bermuda shorts, hiking boots, and fanny packs 'cause we're goin' on vacation!

Yup, the last week of July all of us here at the House of Babble will board a plane and cruise on over to Ohio, where we will spend two fun filled days celebrating BH grandparent's 60th Wedding Anniversary. Then we will load up the truck and drive 6.5 hours to Tennessee where we plan to spend time in the Smoky Mountains. My honey said he needed some mountains and some mountains he shall get! We will be travelling with Grandma and Grandpa Babble which is always a treat, since they put us all up in one of their fancy time share resort places. It also means that if BH and I want some time alone to know "explore the many varieties of flora and fauna" found in the area, we have built in babysitters!

Admittedly I am a bit more of a beach gal when it comes to preferred vacation spots, but I am pretty darn excited about our first true vacation in about 5 years, and also thrilled to go someplace I have never been before.

Yay for vay-cay!

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