Friday, March 07, 2008

They're Heeeerrrreee!!!!!

Not a poltergeist but.......(rockin' drumroll please!).......



I don't think I mentioned this here before, but the day I bought the tickets we had my in-laws over for dinner. #2 informed the in-laws that her Daddy and I were going to the police station to see Elvis.

I think they were relieved to find out that instead we were going to see The Police with Elvis Costello.

Did I mention that I CAN NOT WAIT???????????????????

Oh Sting my love.....soon we can be together! Look for me in the first balcony. Don't worry about the handsome bearded man beside me. We have an understanding about such things. Be sure to wear something without sleeves and if you don't would please me greatly if you could manage to turn your back to the audience on a fairly regular basis.


Valerie said...

In a totally unrelated comment, we're going to the 25 year thing too. That should be crazy...

Missy said...

Oh yeah!! Glad to hear you guys are going to be there. Dan is coming out too. It is the same day as my birthday, so we were thinking about having people over aftah if you are interested and available. Y'know for cake, clowns, balloons and such.