Sunday, March 02, 2008

Really... I think this has gone on long enough

We are now on Day 4 of the Flu Show here at Chez Us. Our primary issue continues to be a high fever. We topped out at 103 today. We added a new symptom today...cranky (no not me, #2!) She is officially tired of being sick, and let it be known several times this afternoon. I went ahead and took her to the weekend emergency clinic just to make sure we didn't have strep or something going on. We don't. So there is two hours and somewhere around $75 I won't ever see again. Oh well. Desperate times...looks like Mommy and #2 will be home again tomorrow. I am also looking forward to quit evaluating every twinge I feel for fear that I am going to be the next one to sucumb to the vile virus. It is crazy making.

On to other topics. In a couple of weeks there is a reunion/celebration thing being held for my high school theater teacher. So all the old theater geeks from the past 25 years will gather to do whatever it is theater geeks do when they get together after a long time. When I first heard of it I was really excited. Then my excitement waned a bit because I was not really hearing about anyone I knew besides my hubby and myself who were going to be there. Now however, my bald and eternally effective friend Dan has announced that he will be going, and seems to have the good gossip on some other folks who plan to make an appearance. My interest is much higher now and I look forward to seeing some people that I have lost touch with over the years.
Because while I manage to do a fair job keeping up with this blog, I really am a terrible, crap correspondant.

Which probably helps explain my rather dull social calendar.

Maybe I should just hand out my blog address and come clean with my sucky correspondance record.

OK it is ROL time. Gotta go watch the mess that is this TV show.

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