Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Bunny Retraction

My children would like to make a retraction to the statements made about the Easter Bunny on Easter Sunday 2007.

They would like to inform all of you that the Easter Bunny is alive and well, and NOT their parents as previously stated.

They would also like to take back their comments regarding the existence of the Tooth Fairy. Although #2 would like it to be known that she will no longer be leaving her teeth under her pillow as she wishes to keep them for next year's science fair project. She considers the loss in revenue a worthy sacrafice in the pursuit of the scientific process.

Her mother however can not bear to ask what the project will entail. She is hopeful that the Great Tooth Project will be abandoned by the time the next science fair rolls around in favor of more worthy and less disgusting projects. Like mold growing or something.

#1 and #2 would like to apologize for any confusion their misguided comments may have caused.

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