Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Crunch Time! (and I ain't talkin' 'bout Nestle!)

It has been a looooong, coooold, and snowy winter.

Not the kind of set up for hitting the exercise equipment, but definitely the perfect arrangement for mowing down some serious comfort foods.

During this winter I have been a big ass slacker when it comes to exercise and healthy eating, and that has led to big ass, and expansion in other areas as well.

After taking inventory (read: squeezing and praying that I will be able to zip and snap my jeans) I have decided that it is time to take serious action.

The serious action I have taken is to sign up for a free online challenge that has an exercise and eating plan set up just for me, and er..well the other bazillion people who have signed up for it as well.

I figure it can't hurt to state my challenge here on my blog to help keep me motivated and honest.

So in that spirit here are my starting stats:

Weight: Step away from the cheese fries!
Bust: Smokin' Rack Baby!!
Waist: Just how long is that statute of limitations on calling my "pooch" (I refer to her as Babette, because it makes it sound more worldly and elegant) post partum weight? Surely it is longer than 7 years.... right?
Hips: Hmmm...I am thinking that there should be a bigger discrepancy between this number and the one above
Thighs: Are we supposed to have thunderstorms tonight?

Now come didn't REALLY think I was going to post my numbers for all the world to see did you?

Let the games begin!


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