Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I would like to lodge a complaint

Some times you have a day that can be described no other way except to say that it sucked ass.

I would have to say that the majority of this day for me fit that description.

Apparently I need to tell all three or four of you about it.

Let me see....

First off it was #2's first day back at school after her bout with the flu. She was not quite as excited as the rest of us. I believe the first words out of her mouth today were, "I don't want to go to school today." Not exactly the reply I was looking for to my cheery, "Good Morning Beautiful Girl!" From there we moved on to her informing that she was not putting on her clothes, which was followed by, "I am not eating breakfast.", which led to "I am not coming downstairs," to which I followed up with placing her on the curb with a little hobo sack and a sign that said "For Sale...Cheap."

We finally get in the car 10 minutes later than we needed to leave in order for me to make it to work on time only to discover that #1 has left her violin in the house. I managed not to curse in front of the child, but waited until she was back in the house out of earshot. I hope that you are appropriately impressed with my self-restraint.

To school we go without further incident or whining.

I am breaking all kinds of speed limits to make it to work no more than a couple of minutes late for my 8:30 appointment. After throwing my things in the desk drawer and sprinting to the lobby to see that no....one....is....there.

I check my schedule in the computer to see that EVERY.APPOINTMENT. I. HAD. SCHEDULED.IS.CANCELLED.

Again I will impress you with my restraint as I walk calmly to the front office to ask the recetionist the kind version of..."What the fuck is going on here? What the hell happened to all of my appointments?????????"

Y'see we had a substitute receptionist today. There is one other person in our office who shares my name. Apparently that person left a message this morning stating that they were not feeling well and would not be in today. Apparently the person who shares my name forgot to give her last name thereby identifying which one of us would not be there. Subrecept did not know there were two people with the same name in our office, recalled my absence from yesterday and assumed it was me and proceeded to cancel all of my appointments today.

I politely, YES it was polite! Requested that she call them all back and let them know that I would be there today.

Then I went back to my office and held a tantrum in my head.

The rest of my morning was somewhat uneventful if you don't count the fact that I had to run for the kleenex box every two seconds, and the other seconds were spent trying to and/or successfully sneezing. Because apparently I needed to come down with a cold today.

My afternoon...I am still trying to forget the hell that was my play group.

My head continues to fill with more snot.

I have to run to Sonic (Bleargh!!) to grab dinner on my way home as we have #2's music concert to get to at 6:45. I leave the office at 6, stupid Sonic gets my order wrong twice, I get home at the time we need to leave, and so we get to eat in the car on the way, and my burger was wrong!

My head fills with even more snot.

The concert was cute and lovely.

There have been no further crap incidents since we got home.

Unless you count the increase in snot volume in my head.

I am trying to forget about that.

So in the words of Scarlett O'Hara.....tomorrow is another day...and it better be shitloads better than this one.

Or something like that.


Woman with a Hatchet said...

I'm sorry! Feeling better yet?

And that sign? For sale Cheap? I've got one of those.


Missy said...

Unfortunately no, I am not feeling better yet. I just have to make it through two days of my play therapy certification training class(for which I have to travel to KC which takes about an hour) AND then I can collapse on Sunday, for one whole day before it is back to work. No rest for the wicked it seems.