Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shameless avoidance of productive activities

We started off the week with such a bang, getting all kinds of errands completed, and boy have we (ok ME) fizzled out. BH is off as we speak trying to finally finish up the bathroom remodel we started more years ago than I want to admit here.

I am supposed to be cleaning the scary thing that is our "art room." Very little art happens in there, unless you count the huge pile of children's art that I must tackle today.

Speaking of, hows about I share a little "children's art management" tip?

We came up with the idea last year as we were going through a ginormous pile of art the children had created over the past ? months.

We sorted out the things we wanted to keep to put in the "portfolios" (read: three ring binders with sheet protectors) then we had the kids go through the rest and sort it in to piles to send to friends and family members. We had each of the children write a letter about what they have been up to over the past year and then mailed the letter out with the art. I was really surprised by all of the positive feedback we got.

That is my handy tip for controlling all the precious artwork your babies produce!

Now I must go and carry out my cleaning duties. Call out the troops if I am not back by tomorrow. I could get lost in the chasm that is our art room.

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