Monday, March 10, 2008

A refined palate

So I am thinking about letting #2 go hungry.

In case I haven't mentioned this before, #2 has about two things she will eat. Those two things being cereal and macaroni and cheese, but only if it is the nasty crap out of a cardboard box. Oh yeah and peanut butter. As long as it is NOT on the bread with the nuts in it. (Read: all natural whole wheat bread) I might have gotten in to a ridiculous arugment over dinner with the child about whether or not there are actually nuts in that bread, but I think I have determined that was just a VERY BAD DREAM because reasonable women of a certain age DO NOT get in to arguments over nuts in bread with 6 year olds.

Neither of her preferred foods translate well in her lunchbox. The school janitor and her classmates tend to frown at the milk trail left by the cereal, and cold kraft macaroni and cheese? I think that there is no further comment needed.

After we emptied a nearly full lunchbox for the I don't know 99999999999999999999999999999999999th time, I made one of my infamous Mommy Proclamations:

Henceforth all young girls by the name of #2 who fail to eat a reasonable portion of the contents in their lunchbox shall forfeit the right to take a lunch from their place of residence, and will be required to purchase and consume a lunch provided by the school until said school year ends. It is so declared by HRH Mommy the Irritated and Sick to Damn Near Death of Making Lunches That No One Eats. (There is more to that name, but I try to run a somewhat clean blog here!)

I will give you three guesses as to how my Tiny Royal Subject responded to the proclamation. The first two don't count.

Now I would love to regale you with more Tales of the Terminally Picky, but unfortunately I must go make tomorrow's lunches.

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